Economite RE4850BA

Power Gas Burners

The RE4850BA technology features a patent-pending retention head design which shapes the flame into an efficient and compact flame pattern. This design concentrates heat for more efficiency heat exchange surfaces.


The Economite, RE4850BA Series Power Gas Burner is engineered to serve a wide variety of applications or can be customized to accommodate the OEM's specific requirements

Food Service Equipment
Conveyor Ovens
Rack Ovens
Water Heaters
Heat Treatment
Process Ovens
Commercial Irons
Crop Drying
Space Heating
Pressure Washers
Commercial Dryers
Agricultural Processing


Model Number
Gas Connection
Pipe Size
Gas Pressure 2 Required
Diameter of Nozzle Maximum Nozzle Insertion Depth Motor
Design Certification or Listed By Primary Safety Voltage Shipping Weight
RE4850BA 280,000* 850,000* 1" NPT 7" to 14" W.C. 4.0" 8.0" 1/6 1 U.L./C.U.L Listed 24V 55 lbs.
RE4850A 280,000* 850,000* 1" NPT 7" to 14" W.C. 4.0" 8.0" 1/6 1 U.L./C.U.L Listed 120V 59 lbs.


  • Electrical Supply 115 / 1 / 60 as standard
  • Available in Natural and Liquid Propane
  • LP requires a conversion kit

1 Gas Burner Draft Motors
115 / 1 /60
230/ 1 / 60

Contact Midco for 50 Hz Applications (non-UL Listed)

2 For Lower Gas Inlet Capacities Contact Midco

The RE4850BA is available as a fully assembled power burner with control system. For further information please contact

Features   Benefits

The RE4850BA Technology Provides . . .

  • A more uniform consistent heat distributionthroughout the applications combustion chamber.
  • A Universal Mounting Flange making installation fast and easy. Welded flange assemblies are also available to accommodate OEM specifications.
  • A compact design for reduced applications over-all dimensions.
  • Simple burner cartridge removal for easy serviceability.
  • Reliable firing with 1/2" W.C. back pressure
  • A new burner head and retention plate design affording efficient and stable combustion.
  • Our Patent Pending Burner Design that increases efficiency by reducing the volume of oxygen used for combustion.
  • Bi-directional manifold allowing OEMs to reduce their burner inventory.