Direct-Fired Make-Up Air Burner

Midco Make-Up Air Burners are well suited to temper incoming air into buildings subject to excessive ventilation. Tempered incoming air relieves the building heating plant of extra loads. They can be used to create a warm air curtain on open docks and for process drying in industrial or agricultural applications.

In a Midco Make-Up Air Burner, plain raw gas (natural or propane) is delivered directly to the burner ports at low pressure. The arrangement and shapes of the air holes in the baffles attached to the burner casting allow the proper amount of combustion air to be injected at all firing rates. A turn-down ratio as high as 30:1 can be achieved simply by adjusting the gas input.

Burners may be ignited by pilot or direct spark. Pilots are proven by flame rectification or ultraviolet detection in other AGA listed versions.

The burner sections are manifolded as needed to accomplish the desired capacity and to maximize efficiency for installation and performance. Straight, elbow and tee sections make it easy to adapt to almost any configuration

Features & Benefits

  • Gas Burners Up to 550,000 BTU/HR/FT For Industrial Heating, Grain and Process Drying and Air Curtains.
  • High Temperature, Stainless Steel Baffles Make it Possible to Operate In Outlet Air Streams up to 1000°F.
  • Precision Built, Sturdy, Compact, Virtually Maintenance-Free.
  • Backed by Midco's Reputation For Excellence.
  • For Certain Applications, Capacities Exceeding 550,000 BTU/HR Ft. Can Be Achieved.
    (Contact Midco for details and conditions.)
  • Modular Valve Trains and Control Systems Offering Ease Of Servicing And Replacement Are Available.