Unipower G & GB

Power Gas Burners

Like its big brother A-Series, the Unipower G-Series is designed with modular assembly techniques that enable Midco to custom design a burner to fit your needs. Special burners with two-step or full modulating control, special safety controls, that satisfy I.R.I., F.M., requirements are available.

Four basic models covering a wide range of capacities from 300 to 2,500 MBH, make the G-Series adaptable to most medium-sized applications.

Extremely compact design makes the G-Series burner easier and more economical to service and install. In fact, it is smaller than any other burner available of similar capacity. Small firing tube diameter makes conversion from oil to gas particularly simple.

At the heart of the G-Series burner's efficiency is an innovative new design featuring an exclusive flame retention plate, precision engineered to thoroughly mix fuel gas and combustion air for unexcelled combustion efficiency. The flame retention plate creates a tight ring of flame which eliminates the danger of blow-off or flash-back.

The low-maintenance spark ignited pilot works under the most adverse conditions making it ideally suited for more difficult applications such as downdraft boiler, furnaces, ceiling suspended furnaces and units with severe space restrictions.

The quiet, high-speed blowers provide the precise amount of combustion air necessary for efficient combustion. In conjunction with the burner to provide a steady, efficient flame regardless of natural draft conditions.

All Unipower G-Series burners are equipped with the state of the art electronic microprocessor based flame safeguard system employing flame rectification for flame detection. A completely safe start check and run control sequence is provided with instantaneous response and shut down on loss of flame.

Unipower GB-Series burners are equipped with a 24 volt electronic flame safeguard system employing the flame rectification for flame detection. The GB-Series uses 24 volt valves and controls which are smaller than 120 volt controls but will allow use of the 120 volt operating controls if needed.

Each Unipower G-Series burner is shipped completely assembled and is fire-tested at the factory to assure reliable operation. The Unipower G-Series burner is listed with Underwriters Laboratories in the United States and Canada.

Modular assembly enginnering enables custom designs at mass production costs.

  • Redundant Main Gas Valves
  • Main and Pilot Gas Pressure Regulators with
    Manual Shut-Off Valves (shipped loose)
  • Diaphragm Air Switch For Proof of Blower Operation (differential diaphragm air switch on Canadian versions)
  • Silent Multivalve Blower and Motor Assembly
  • Intermittent Spark Pilot Ignition(optional interrupted pilot available on G-Series only)
  • Stainless Steel Nozzle Construction
  • Burner Manifold Test Cock
  • Universal Adjustable Mounting Flange
  • Service Accessible Control Cabinet


Model Number
Natural 1000 BTU/cu.ft.
Model Number
Propane 2500 BTU/cu.ft.
Input Rating (BTU/HR)
Inlet Gas Pressure Required
Input Rating*
Shipping Weight
G56(B) G56(B)P 1,075,000 5" W.C. / 5" W.C. 300,000 1/6 95 lbs.
G57(B) G57(B)P 1,500,000 7" W.C. / 6" W.C. 300,000 1/3 105 lbs.
G58(B) G58(B)P 1,850,000 6.7" W.C. / 6" W.C. 500,000 1/2 130 lbs.
G69(B) G69(B)P 2,500,000 7.5" W.C. / 8" W.C. 800,000 3/4 170 lbs.


Specifications G-Series Only

Specifications GB-Series Only

G-Series Features

Microprocessor Based Flame Safeguard Control
Complete 120V System

  • Hi/Low gas Pressure Switches
  • Thermal Switch (incinerator use)
  • 120V/240V Motor (1 phase) G69 Standard,
    G56, G57 and G58 Optional

Available Operation:

  • On/Off
  • Hi/Low/Off
  • Full Modulation

GB-Series Features

24V Electronic Control Module
24 Valves
Allows Use of 120V Operating Controls

  • Hi/Low Gas Pressure Switches
  • Thermal Switch (incinerator use)
  • 120V/240V Motor (1 phase)
    G69B Standard, G56B, G57B
    and G58B Optional

Available Operation:

  • On/Off