Unipower MPG Series

The MPG series of gas burners have been developed with modular construction to make them adaptable to many applications. The MPG series is available with the blower on top as standard and also available for the tighter applications with the blower on the bottom. The burners have been UL and UL-C approved. We can provide optional valve trains and controls to meet ASME CSD-1, Factory Mutual, NFPA and GAP (formerly IRI) specifications.

At the heart of the MPG burner efficiency is the innovative burner gas manifold and its stainless steel retention plate, precision engineered to thoroughly mix gas fuel and combustion air for increased combustion efficiency. With less excess oxygen required for combustion, combustion efficiencies can be increased.

The MPG series comes standard with a 120V electronic microprocessor flame safeguard and flame rod sensing or is available with optional UV sensing.

The MPG series of burners can be applied to numerous applications. The standard product is completely factory assembled and fire tested. The standard burner style of firing is on-off with slow opening diaphragm gas valve and fixed air shutter. We have available Hi-Lo-Off firing or 3-1 and 10-1 turndown modulation capabilities. For OEM models, we offer numerous options as well as unassembled valve trains and welded flanges to fulfill many application requirements.

The Unipower MPG GB burners are provided with a 24 volt electronic intermittent pilot ignition module with self diagnostic features employing the flame rectification of flame detection. A 120 volt ignition transformer insuring reliable pilot ignition is standard.

Contact the factory or your local Midco burner representative or distributor, or see our website at www.midcointernational.com for their listing or additional MPG Burner information.

Standard Features

  • Factory fire tested
  • Assembled main valve train
  • Diaphragm and solenoid redundant main gas valves
  • Pilot gas pressure regulator, tubing and manual valve shipped loose
  • Main gas pressure regulator and manual valve shipped loose where applicable
  • Pilot and main gas manifold pressure taps
  • Diaphragm type blower air switch standard for UL
  • Differential diaphragm type blower air switch standard for UL-C
  • Stainless steel nozzle
  • Stainless steel burner retention plate
  • MPG 1.5G (B) adjustable mounting flange shipped loose
  • MPG 2.5G (B) welded mounting flange, insertion depth must be specified
  • Control cabinet with terminal strip
  • Microprocessor flame safeguard with LED indicating lights (120 volt only)
  • Electronic intermittent pilot ignition module (24 volt only)
  • On-Off firing with slow opening main gas valve and fixed air shutter
  • Blower motor 115 volt 60 hertz

Optional Features

  • Inverted blower on bottom
  • Unassembled valve train
  • Stripped burner basic non-UL
  • Single or dual motorized main gas valves
  • High and or low gas pressure switches
  • Large control cabinet with indicating lights burner mounted or remote mount
  • 240 volt motor with contactor
  • ASME CSD-1, Factory Mutual, GAP, NFPA components on request

Optional Style of Firing

(120 Volt MPG Burners Only)

  • On-Off low fire start
  • Hi-Lo-Off low fire start
  • Fully modulating 3-1 turn down
  • Fully modulating 10-1 turn down
  • Modulation input signal 135 ohm,
    4-20mA or 0-10 volts DC

The MPG burners can be built to specific customer requests. For options not listed contact our sales team.


Model Number
Inlet Gas Pressure Required
Burner Manifold Pressure Natural Burner Manifold Pressure Propane Motor
Shipping Weight
MPG 1.5G (B) 150,000 1,500,000 5" W.C. / 5" W.C. 0.001 to 1.56" W.C. 0.005 to 0.80" W.C. 1/2 120 lbs.
MPG 2.5G (B) 250,000 2,500,000 7" W.C. / 6" W.C. 0.001 to 1.50" W.C. 0.005 to 0.85" W.C. 3/4 140 lbs.

Natural 1000 BTU/ cu. ft.
Propane 2500 BTU/ cu. ft

(B) 24V Control and Gas Train

  1. Maximum inlet pressure both gases: 14" W.C.
  2. Values given based on 0" W.C. firebox pressure, altitudes to 2,000 feet. Derate burner for altitudes over 2,000 feet by 4% for each 1,000 feet over sea level.
  3.  For lower inlet pressures contact the factory
  4. Dimension approx